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One-On-One Online Training Personal Training

One-on-one with James Shaw

Through one-to-one personal consultation and video assessment, James can provide you with training between clinics or if you can’t get to him in person. It is a simple process, all you have to do is video yourself riding and send it to James.

james shaw - one on one online

James is uniquely gifted and ‘sees’ what other trainers miss. He has the ability to see the subtle root causes of tension and blocks in the riders’ body which create subtle imbalances. 

These imbalances in turn directly affect the horses’ way of going and free forward movement. The small investment in this form of video analysis with James’ eye is a highly effective method of training and can save you years of lessons and frustration.

What Makes
Ride From Within
So Different?



– Three one-hour personal video sessions with James Shaw
– Review of your riding footage in real-time with feedback
– Custom immediate fixes and long-term training schedule
– Video recording of your training session for future reference
– Six podcast “RFW Basics” lessons for you to do in real-time with your horse

Technical support throughout


James will watch and review your video. You will get a one hour one to one live session with James via video conferencing where he will share his review. He will then outline the short term fixes required and give you homework to practice. After a week or so of practice (depending on your needs and James’ schedule), you will video yourself riding again and send it to James.


James will watch and review your second video. You will get another one hour one to one session with James where he will share his review with you. James will troubleshoot your new fixes and help you sustain their application in the saddle with more individually tailored homework. Again, after a week or so of practice (depending on your needs and James’ schedule), you will video yourself riding and send it to James.


Experience tells us that 3 sessions are the optimum minimum number of sessions required to make real and lasting changes.

Often the initial changes seem magical and groundbreaking but can still be elusive to maintain, the third session usually exposes this. James will watch and review your third video and again you will receive another one-hour review session with James. In this final session, you will deepen your understanding of your main issues and James will set you a long term training schedule for you and your horse.

You will be provided with detailed instructions and technical support throughout. All sessions will be recorded and yours to keep.

Testimonials Read What Others Say

I found the assessment excellent

“I found the assessment excellent in that it went through all the things that I was already doing right, then made suggestions for improvement. You being able to run through the clip several times mean that you were able to pick up even more than in a live lesson, and having a record of what your recommendations in an audio format meant that I had a permanent record so could run through it all several times, and not miss anything. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially to help keep on track in between clinics.” 

Julie Parrot

The Most Valuable

“Thank you so much for offering the
web-based video lessons!

The most valuable instruction that I’ve ever experienced. ͞These sessions with James have deepened my understanding of the Ride from Within principles while improving my riding through feedback addressing my individual issues. Going through the videos together has raised my awareness of unconscious patterns that are interfering with my horse’s movement. And the homework, including both off-horse and on-horse exercises, provides a clear path forward to improve my connection with my own body and ultimately my horse.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to continue learning from James in a unique, private format, and I am looking forward to my own next lesson!͟”

Claire Hunter

Novice or Advanced

͞”We are at the forefront of a new paradigm in ethical riding and training and for the sake of your horse, I challenge you, whether novice or advanced, to find the real truth in your seat like I did and Ride From Within.͟”

Lynne Riddell

Video Lesson How It Works Maximizing Your Personal Training Experience

STEP 1: Contact us and book your 3 training sessions

STEP 2: Video yourself

  • Walking on the ground in a straight line away from the camera and back again for a minimum of 30 steps.
  • Riding your horse in a straight line away from the camera and toward it, circle left and right rein in walk, trot (sitting and rising) and canter. The riding video should be no longer than 20 minutes.


STEP 3: Upload your video/s to a private YouTube or Vimeo channel, send the link to James. James will watch and review the video and contact you via email to schedule a Zoom video conference call to review the video with you, give you your fixes and set your homework. A date will be set for your next session.

STEP 4: You practice for approximately one week and return to STEP 2

All sessions will be recorded and yours to download and keep


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