Kristen Roberson


Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center
551 Centerville Lane Gardnerville Nevada 89460
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Apr 13 2019 - Apr 14 2019


All of the day

2 Day Clinic

Clinic Format:

Morning groundwork – practical, interactive demonstration of “Ride From Within” principles. This is a combination of healing exercises and both visual and practical demonstrations to bring the principles to life through direct experience in the body.

Afternoon ridden lessons – learn how to apply the principles and ground-breaking theory in the saddle. The afternoon is a chance to put theory into practise and experience the extraordinary gift that James has to “see” your imperceptible imbalances that are the root cause of all of your riding issues. Mounted and non-mounted places are available.

Each morning the clinic will begin with lectures explaining the “new paradigm” theory in both horse and rider biomechanics, James also guides participants through a series of healing exercises designed to increase body awareness and conscious ability on the ground and in the saddle.

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