An Introduction to Ride From Within (Part 2)

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January 22, 2019
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January 23, 2019
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Rotation of the Bones Using Small Muscles and no Tension

So, the problem most riders face is that the tension they use to keep their balance separates them from their horse on a physical level AND just as importantly, on an emotional level. Horses can either disengage mentally, switch off and stop listening or they become heightened in awareness, explosive and strong.

Simply put the problem is separation. The solution is connection, true connection with your horse at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The most important and most profound level of connection IS the physical, the horse responds to that first and foremost when we sit on its back. It is the least understood and the most overlooked level of connection. Correct and true physical connection leads to connection at every other level, emotional, mental, spiritual and when we connect at all levels we truly become one with the horse.

James Shaw’s methods teach you how to get that pure physical connection which leads to connection on all levels. James teaches how to BE balanced by receiving the power of the horse cleanly through our bones meaning receiving the power through the seat bones into and through our pelvis and up the spine. Then using the smaller muscles closest to the bones, to move the bones in rotation, which redirects the power of the horse and controls it within the rider’s body, creating connection and balanced movement of the skeleton.

This relieves the larger muscles from having to keep balance and therefore eliminates tension, in other words, we become one with the horses centre by allowing that power to permeate our own centre, so the power of the horse flows through our body and ultimately back to the horse. This fluid and alive physical cycle of energy allows connection at every level which leads to a profound deep union where horse and rider become one whole entity. This profound level of connection is rarely experienced by the average rider and yet James can teach it and make it a reality for any rider of any age, experience or discipline.

3-Dimensional vs. 2-Dimensional Balance – The Secret Genius of the Pelvis

This state of balance is totally unique in the riding world and we are not aware of it being taught by anyone else. The secret ingredient that James has discovered is a 3rd dimension of movement in the pelvis. So this balance is 3 dimensional, meaning it incorporates the 3 ways in which the pelvis is designed to move; front to back, side to side vertically and to pivot left to right from the centre. Most riders and indeed people in general, only know 2 dimensional balance which is front to back and side to side. In other words, when we ride we are only aware of the front to back and side to side movement of the pelvis, most of us are totally unaware that our pelvis has another dimension of movement available to it.

Incorporating this third pelvic movement is what separates this work from anything else and presents leading edge understanding of biomechanics and as far as we know, nowhere else in the riding world is this understood or being taught.


  1. Rosemarie says:

    Do you have a plastic human skeleton to show all three movements clearly and how they work together?

    • Gillian Shaw says:

      We do not at present but we can and we will in the future. We will answer you in a video and alert you here when it is posted on You Tube. We are also working in 3-D graphics to give you a better visual representation.

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