An Introduction to Ride From Within (Part 3)

An Introduction to Ride From Within (Part 2)
January 22, 2019
This is NOT Yield to Pressure
February 4, 2019
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James Shaw’s Unique and Special Gift

The reason James can understand and teach this is that he was born with a unique gift of ‘seeing’ which makes him very different to most people. James ‘sees’ in his minds eye and thinks in pictures, multi dimensionally, which means he can picture the rider’s body from the inside, in 3 dimensions, giving him a unique perspective on true balance. Also it means he can look at a horse and rider and ‘take a picture’ literally in his mind and see the combination from all angles, without having to physically move.

He can see the root cause of tension in the rider and experience it in his own body as if it were his own reality, in other words he experiences the feeling of the movement and tension in his own body as he is observing the horse and rider in real time. This gives James a unique ability to feel the root cause of rider’s problems and through his own physical training and understanding of internal balance he can work out the solution very quickly.

James has done this countless times over the years with riders who have been stumped for years and years, ‘stuck’ at a level with no idea what is causing the problem. James can uncover the subtlest of hidden tensions which can unlock the most profound problems.

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