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Discover a NEW PARADIGM in Riding

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Ride From Within Academy

A New Paradigm in Riding
This course introduces the basic theory and principles of Ride from Within and what makes it a new paradigm in riding.
You Are the Solution
This course will teach you how to begin to apply the new paradigm in your own riding.  (Includes free access to Intro Course)
Magic Circle
The Magic Circle
Combines live seminars with practical home work, exploring riding an accurate and perfect circle, turning a corner, and achieving “bend”.
Mastery Circle
Exclusive monthly webinars, download access to dozens of audio and video workshops, a private FB group, and more.


True Harmony between horse and rider

Based on ancient, almost forgotten principles that govern movement, Ride from Within brings forth a new paradigm in riding. Your horse lives by these principles, horses own balanced and powerful movement. They do not need us to teach them how to move. It is us that need to learn how to move like them.

Ride from Within is the ONLY riding method that has discovered and identified the 3rd-dimensional movement in the horses’ pelvis. It is the only movement the horse cannot put into the rider’s seat when we ride.

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In order to have an effective and influential seat that can match and lead the power of the horse, we need to learn to move like them to connect with them, otherwise, we take our limited 2-dimensional and unbalanced movement to the saddle which directly restricts and impedes their natural state of balance, power and therefore fluid effortless movement.

When we learn to move 3 dimensionally in our pelvis the horse is free to move as he was designed to and horse and rider become One, riding from the inside out.



James Shaw is a new kind of riding teacher dedicated to helping people transform themselves and their riding by bringing forth a new paradigm in our physical connection to the horse which is a doorway into complete connection, mind, body, and spirit. This is a path to Mastery, the elusive harmonious, fluid connection we all dream of but for centuries has remained in the hands of a select few.



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